He played with grace and skill, giving insightful introductions to each piece from the organ loft above the brick-lined sanctuary. However, it was the Fantasy for Organ by Frederick Frahm that made the greatest impact on me. It was here I felt Mr. Chriss shined the brightest, showing commanding range, variance, and abundant proficiency. The piece was grand. Following the final composition, the audience gave Mr. Chriss a standing ovation. And after an encore, Alcee greeted each person at the back door, thanking him or her for attending the concert.”

— Dr. Bryan Nixon, Journalist,
Assist News, Albuquerque, NM

Alcee Chriss is a superb organist of the highest caliber with a charming personality equal to his playing. Alcee’s organ concert at Vero Beach Community Church was one of the finest we have had on our concert series. We look forward to having him on the series in August 2015.”

— Ryan Kasten, Director of Music,
The Community Church of Vero Beach, Vero Beach, FL

Alcee Chriss delivered a marvelous organ solo recital for our Celebration of Sound Concert Series in February 2015. He played challenging repertoire with grace and penache--inspiring those who heard his artistry. Alcee was an engaging speaker, offering enlightening insight into the music presented. I highly recommend his delightful performing!” 

— Dr. David Rives, Music Director,
Worthington Presbyterian Church, Worthington, OH

Alcee Chriss III, winner of the AGO/Quimby Regional Young Organists Competition for the Southwest Region in 2013, performed a musically sensitive and technically brilliant concert at St. John’s Episcopal Church in May of 2014. He approached each piece with discernment and tapped into the many colors of the church’s 62-rank Möller/Garland organ. His commentary between pieces was both entertaining and informative. The standing ovation was truly deserved.”

— Dr. Michael Bedford, President,
American Guild of OrganistS

“Alcee turned in a great concert. His well chosen program included something for everyone to appreciate: from Bruhns' sublime rhetoric to the fire and fantasy of the Duruflé Toccata (opus 5). It was a joy to hear a performer who could bring passion, precision, and poetry all together in the same evening. I was deeply honored that Alcee had programmed my Fantasy for Organ for this recital. It is apparent that he loves new music, and that he can convey this enthusiasm through his artistry. In short, Alceé can engage with his audiences (they love him!) and make the complex sound effortless (how does he do that?!). Here is a young performer who is not to be missed!”

— Frederick Frahm, Organist/Composer,
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Albuquerque, NM

We had the pleasure of hearing Alcee Chriss in concert in February, 2015- his program selection was varied and exciting. He was extremely personable and made the ”music come alive” for the audience. Whether your audience is a seasoned group of organ devotees or novices – they will all enjoy a concert by Mr. Chriss.”

— Claudia Polzin, Director of Development,
Classical South Florida, Naples, FL

“Alcee Chriss III is one of our outstanding first prize winners of the Albert Schweitzer Organ Festival. His playing "wowed" us all. His playing is electrifying and is sure to inspire all who hear him! In addition, he is also a very nice young man. I recommend him highly for any recitals that you may be planning.”

— David Spicer, Artistic Director,
Albert Schweitzer Organ Competition, Wethersfield, CT

“Alcee Chriss III played a brilliant program for the Central Arkansas Chapter of the American Guild of Organists at St. Luke’s Episcopal in Hot Springs, Arkansas in November of 2014. His program was well-constructed and appealing to a diverse audience. He proved himself most adaptable and poised both in his dealings with the instrument as well as some dramatic HVAC issues in the church. Highly recommended musician!”

— Wayne E. Simpson, Vice President,
Nichols & Simpson Organbuilders, Little Rock, AR